2008年8月24日 - 8月30日

Weekly Prayer Points- August 24 - August 30, 2008



August 24


Libya – Pray that this North African country will not mass deport hundreds of Eritrean refugees. According to international rights organizations, thousands of young Eritreans attempt to leave their country every year. Pray also for the salvation of Libyan leader Muammar al-Qadhafi. Pray for the salvation of the Eritreans as well as the Libyans.


Malaysia – Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Abdullah bin Ahmad Badawi, recently announced he will step down in mid-2010 and hand over to his deputy, Najib Razak. The president of the ruling United Malays National Organization, which leads the Barisan National coalition, is traditionally prime minister. Pray for the salvation of Badawi, Razak and nine hereditary state sultans. Pray also for Sharia law to be abolished in this Southeast Asian country, and that Believers here will go to their surrounding countries and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with their neighbors.




August 25


Oman – Oman has experienced generally impressive economic performance, characterized by high real Gross Domestic Product growth of 5.3 percent, low inflation, and budgetary surpluses. Pray that the government would have wisdom in further boosting its economy. Pray also that the Lord would bless the work of Christians in this Arabian Peninsula nation to advance His Kingdom here.


Kazakhstan – The Catholic bishops of Kazakhstan have made an appeal for a new religious law that will recognize and protect the fundamental liberty of all believers, the Fides news service reports. Pray that the new law, which will severely hinder religious freedom in this Central Asian nation, will not be signed by President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Pray for the salvation of the President, his cabinet, and the law enforcement agencies in this land.




August 26


Tunisia – Pray for freedom of the press in Tunisia, where President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has jailed more journalists than any other Arab country since 2001. Pray that godly journalists would have the ability to make known to the world the corruption going on in this nation and pave the road for an end to terrorism in Tunisia. Pray for protection over all of the journalist, the salvation of the President, and for multiple thousands of new Believers to come to the Lord in the next thirty days.


Cambodia – Pray fervently for the nation of Cambodia as they hold general elections on July 27, 2008 when Prime Minister Hun Sen is expected to extend his decades-long grip on power. Pray that God will place the person He has pre-destined to be President of Cambodia at this time in history. Pray the Gospel will be allowed to be preached freely in this nation under the next government administration.




August 27


Turkey – There was a recent decision by the Constitutional court to overturn a ban on headscarves. Pray that tensions arising as of a result of this decision between the “secularists” and the pro-Islamist AK Party in Turkey will be mitigated. Pray that there will be unique ways to spread the Gospel during this season in Turkey.

北韓—為北韓獨裁領袖金正日能信守解除核武裝備的承諾迫切禱告。禱告每個隱藏的邪惡計畫會被顯明 (可4:22) 。禱告神聖的智慧及洞察力臨到世界各國的領袖,使他們持續與北韓在這方面進行協商。禱告教會在逼迫中有指數性的成長,禱告神持續供應那些沒有食物的人的需要。
North Korea – Pray fervently that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il will keep his word regarding nuclear disarmament. Pray that every hidden agenda of the devil would be revealed. (Mark 4:22) Pray for divine wisdom and discernment for political leaders worldwide in pursuing these talks with North Korea. Pray for the Church to grow exponentially in the midst of persecution. Pray the Lord will provide consistent food for those who are without .




August 28


Somalia – Pray for the rapidly deteriorating security situation in Somalia, as the nation has suffered three years of drought, food prices are astronomically high, there’s instability leading to a very large displaced population, and a rash of abductions and killings of humanitarian workers has occurred. Pray for rain, and for crops to grow quickly. Pray that the Lord will shower Somalia with His presence, and that multiple thousands will accept Him as Lord and Savior in the next thirty days.


Pakistan – Pray for an end to a pattern of church attacks in which perpetrators apologize after the fact to avoid facing charges. Muslims who attacked a Pakistani church and declared religious war against Christians from mosque minarets have apologized for their actions. Pray that the attackers would truly repent, and that justice would be appropriately served. Pray the attackers would come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and that once they are saved, they would win others to Christ.




August 29


Nigeria – Under Islamic law, a non-Muslim father cannot be a custodian to his children if the mother of his children is Muslim or if the deceased mother’s relatives are Muslim. Pray for an end of “legal” abductions of children whose parents are Christian. Pray that those children who have been abducted from their parents will be returned to them safe and unharmed.


Maldives – Pray for this nation as it prepares for its first ever multi-party presidential elections before President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom finishes his sixth consecutive term in office on November 11, 2008. Pray that President Gayoom, Asia’s longest ruling dictator, having power over 30 years, will neither delay the election nor rig the results. Pray that religious freedom will be acknowledge by the newly elected regime, and that the Kingdom of God will be established in this land.


Jordan – Pray that Christian Believers in Jordan seeking asylum in other nations would be able to escape. Pray for full freedom of religion in Jordan, and that Christians living in this nation will know the inner peace of Jesus and live without fear. Pray that multiple thousands of new Believers will come to know Christ as Lord and Savior in the next thirty days.


Senegal – One in four women suffers domestic assault and battery in Senegal yet most suffer in silence. 27.5 percent of women are subject to physical violence from their partners. Pray for the precious women in this nation, that they would know the love and protection of the LORD Almighty. Pray for justice for these women, and that the government would disallow this abuse, and punish the men who are abusive. Pray that Jesus would appear to this nation in dreams and visions, and that they would accept Him as Savior and Lord.




August 30


Eritrea – Pray that the Eritrean government officials will release the estimated 2,000 Christians who remain in prison. Pray for the Holy Spirit to comfort, provide for, and give them strategies to expand His Kingdom while the Eritrean Christians are imprisoned.


Tibet – As the Olympic Games will be taking place in China this month leaders of various countries are continue to raise awareness of China’s treatment of Tibet. Pray that there will be a major breakthrough in talks and negotiations between these two nations. Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all Tibetans and that there will be an outbreak of multiple thousands of new Believers in this land.


Syria – Pray for an end to the sex trade in this land. Pray that the over 1.5 million refugees in this nation will find decent ways to make a living, and that they will not have to result to any type of immoral work in order to survive. Pray that the national Church would plant new churches in the unreached areas of Syria, and that multiple thousands of Syrians will come to know the Lord as their Savior and King in the next thirty days.


Mongolia – Pray for the salvation of President Nambaryn Enkhbayar and the other government leaders in this nation. According to the Associated Press, Election fraud allegations were originally centered on two districts in the capital of Ulan Bator that were awarded to the ruling party but were contested by two popular members of the Civic Movement party. Pray that there will be a peaceful transition of power, and that the Parliament will be able to come to an agreement regarding the number of seats that each party will have. Pray for revival to break out in this land, and that the ruling party will allow for true religious freedom in this land.



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