2009年4月6日 - 4月12日

Weekly Prayer Points- April 6 - April 12, 2009



April 6


Guinea – Pray the military junta that is currently ruling Guinea holds free elections soon. Pray the military will not engage in any human rights violations or abuse its position of power. Pray God raises up leaders for this country who can help to heal its wounds and care for the many AIDS orphans and refugees here. Pray the military rule will not provide an opportunity for human trafficking to flourish.


Thailand – Pray for an end to the kidnapping and selling of girls in Thailand. Pray that the slave trade would be crushed and the kidnappers brought to justice. Pray God shows the people who are involved in the slave trade their sins, and they will repent and accept Christ as Savior and Lord. Pray God raises up new, Godly leaders in this country that is plagued by corruption. Pray especially that the corrupt police officials would be replaced by policemen who will refuse bribes and uphold justice and protect the rights of the people. Many hidden sins in the country are coming to light in the news these days. Pray that they would continue to be uncovered and that they would be dealt with justly and righteously, rather than covered up or brushed away as they were in the past. Pray also for an end to legalistic Christianity in Thailand.




April 7


Niger – Pray for peace in this country that is struggling with attacks by militants, rebels groups, and terrorists. Pray for an end to the battle between the Niger government and the Tuareg rebel groups. Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world. Pray God provides economic opportunities and business opportunities for the people of Niger. Pray the government keeps the peace and stops the attacks against the people, so the country can grow and develop out of its terrible poverty.


Kyrgyzstan – Pray courage for Christians in Kyrgyzstan, where the practice of the Christian faith is now heavily restricted by the government. Pray that Believers would be shielded from persecution. Demonic forces in this part of the world try to prohibit the Gospel and bring persecution to Christians. Pray for the defeat of these demonic strongholds. Pray that all the laws restricting religious freedom are found to be unconstitutional and are overturned.




April 8


Iran – Pray recent efforts by other nations to seek Iran’s help in bringing stability to Afghanistan are successful. Pray Iran establishes friendly and helpful diplomatic relationships with its neighbors like Iraq, Israel, Syria, and Afghanistan. Pray Iran does not seek to use its increasing nuclear capabilities to build bombs. Pray Iran eases its restrictive laws and open its borders to Christianity. Also, pray Iranian Muslims continue to convert to Christianity in great numbers and that they are safe from being tried for apostasy when they convert.


Burkina Faso – Pray for the health of the people of Burkina Faso, where AIDS has had a terrible impact on families, and the number of orphans in this nation is on the rise. Pray for them to get the medical care they need, and pray the orphans would find people who will love them and take care of them. Pray also for the end to human trafficking. Pray the authorities continue to root out kidnappers and return children to their homes. Pray the Kingdom of God will firmly be established in this land.




April 9


Mali – Pray for the children of Mali, where hunger, lack of education, and the practice of female genital mutilation are still major problems. Pray for economic alliances with other countries and innovative advances in farming techniques to help provide food for the people in this land.


Azerbaijan – The government of Azerbaijan continues to be hostile to Christianity, especially groups of Christians that are not approved by the state. The police continue to conduct raids on church meetings and arrest Christians on false charges. Pray the leaders of Azerbaijan come to Christ. Pray the church continues to grow in Azerbaijan despite the restrictions placed on it by the government. Pray for the corruption in the police and judicial systems to halt, and that Godly justice will prevail.




April 10


Benin – Pray for an end to drug trafficking in Benin, and for people to no longer want to use drugs. Drug trafficking is becoming a major problem, especially in Edo state. Pray law enforcement officials will be able to find and stop the drug operations, and the people using the drugs will give up their addictions and turn to Christ. Pray the people of Benin are shielded from the negative effects of having such a destructive illegal trade running through their country. Pray those addicted to using drugs will be made free in the powerful Name of Jesus.


Indonesia – Pray for revival among the many different ethnic groups of Indonesia. Pray the growth of Islam is halted and militant Muslim groups stop attacking Christians and Christian churches. Pray the plan to have Indonesia totally Islamitised would not occur, and pray that all of Indonesia will be saved. Pray the upcoming presidential elections would be a turning point in that struggle for this country. Pray the elections will be peaceful, and pray the president the Lord has pre-destined will be in office.




April 11


Laos – Pray the oppression of Christian churches would end in Laos, and pray the government would open up its official recognition of churches to include more than the three it currently recognizes. Ask God’s blessing for new opportunities to spread the Gospel and increase the number of churches in Laos. Pray that attacks on Christians by Buddhists would end immediately. Pray the Kingdom of God will be established in this land.


Western Sahara – Pray the people of Western Sahara and international leaders would create a just government and a peaceful future for this land. Pray they would build their nation on a foundation of righteous principles based on the Bible, and that the Gospel would spread quickly without resistance in this country. Pray for innovative strategies for the Sahawai people to grow nutritious vegetables in the desert, and in extremely hot conditions.




April 12


Egypt – A group of Muslim lawyers arguing against the case for a Muslim’s conversion to Christianity recently submitted memos declaring that Christianity is inferior to Islam and that Christians who protect converts from Islam do so at their own peril. Pray this would not discourage the Egyptian Christian community. Pray this challenge would result in an even greater effort by Christians to protect the rights of converts. Pray these Christians and the converts would be protected from reprisal attacks by Muslims. Pray the Egyptian people would come to see that Christianity is NOT inferior, but is the one and True God.


Uzbekistan – Take time to pray especially for Christians who are being wrongfully oppressed in Uzbekistan. Human rights violations, especially false arrests, are common in this country. Uzbekistan is one of the two most authoritarian states of the former Soviet Union. Pray the government changes its oppressive ways and grants true freedom to its people. Pray for an immediate end to the ban on proselytizing. Pray for revival in this land with multiple thousands of new Believers coming to Christ in the next thirty days.



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