Prayer Strategies 禱告策略

God’s love for Chinese is unrelenting. He longs to see the two Chinese brothers to come together as one in God.  Like the Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32), the lovesick Father is waiting for the younger brother to come home. He is inviting the older brother, Formosa, to wait along side with Him.

神對中國人的愛是無庸置疑的!祂渴望看見兩個華人兄能再次在主裡合一。正如同聖經中浪子的故事所描述 (路加福音15:11-32), 晝夜思念兒子的父親正等待著小兒子的歸來,他正期待福爾摩莎這位兄長,能與他一同站立,一起等待。




Prayer Strategies for the next 5 quarters


Like farmer cultivating the farmland so will our prayers cultivating the spiritual ground.   Before we sow the seeds, we need to till the land, let it rest and then warm it up.


Stage #1   2018 Q1 Jan – March 31 2018

第一期     2018第一季 1-3月

Preparing the spiritual ground. 預備屬靈土地。

Setting up prayer groups. 設立禱告團隊。

Intercede, fast and pray to break the strongholds. Spirits of hates, un-forgiveness, division, 228, false religion, Shintoist etc


Repent, Repent, Repent. 悔改,悔改再悔改。

Stage #2   2018 Q2.    April – June 30, 2018

第二期     2018第二季 4-6月

Restore Taiwan's identity as elder brother


Restore God's original blessing on this island


Restore the name of Formosa 恢復福爾摩沙之名。

Restore/ Raise up godly authority 恢復/ 興起屬神的權柄。

Intercede, fast and pray 代求,禁食禱告。

Stage #3   2018 Q3   July to September 2018

第三期     2018第三季 7-9月

Declare and decree revival over this island.


Intercede, fast and pray. 代求,禁食禱告。

Stage #4   2018 Q4   October to December 2018

第四期     2018第四季 10-12月

Declare and decree for healing 宣告、命令醫治臨到。

Sow and Cast the seeds of unification


Stage #5  2019 Q1 Jan to March 2019

第五期    2019第一季 1-3月

Objective: releasing new wine, word of unity, blessings and the restoration of 2 brothers.


Have faith in God 對神的信心。

March 20/21 Spring - Bring all prayer groups ( both lands) together in for unity prayers. Stand together as unified two brothers.

3/20-21 春季-聚集兩岸所有的代禱團隊,合一禱告,同站立代表兩個兄弟的統一。