2008年9月14日 - 9月20日

Weekly Prayer Points- September 14 - September 20, 2008



September 14


Albania – Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha recently condemned the opposition for allegedly trying to block electoral reforms. Under the new rules, voters no longer cast ballots for candidates of their choice but only for parties, which then nominate their representatives to parliament. Pray that electoral reforms would be passed that are fair and just for all Albanian citizens, and that the Kingdom of God will be established in this nation.


Morocco – A Moroccan man was recently given a life prison sentence and his associate received 10 years in jail for organizing an Islamic terrorist group and planning attacks. Pray that any terrorist groups planning to carry out attacks in Morocco would be discovered and not be carried out. Pray that all terrorist would be brought to justice. Pray for the safety of Muslim Background Believers. Pray for Christians to have freedom to worship- who are only 0.1 percent of the population compared to 99.8 percent Muslim.




September 15


Iraq – A non-Iraqi military organization recently detained nine people suspected of involvement in Al-Qaida in Iraq. One of the detainees was the alleged head of a bombing cell of the Sunni extremist group. Pray for God to expose and defeat the plans of Al-Qaida. Pray also for God’s protection from Satan’s attacks against the new Churches in northern Iraq. Pray for Christians who are committed to staying in Iraq to stand strong in their faith, and for wisdom to lead others to Christ.


Sri Lanka – The South Asia Human Rights Index 2008 recently revealed that Sri Lanka is the worst human rights violator in South Asia. Pray that Sri Lanka’s government will give protection and freedom to Christians so they can worship the Lord without attacks and threats. Pray that all acts of human rights violations will be stopped. Pray that Christians will share the Gospel with Sri Lanka’s citizens, who are 71.9 percent Buddhists.




September 16

以色列–首相歐莫特在2008年7月30日宣布,他將不會在2008年9月17日自己所屬卡迪瑪黨的初選中尋求連任。歐莫特幫助協調以色列從迦薩走廊撤退,目前正朝向與巴勒斯坦和敘利亞有一個和平商討,據說只要所屬黨派選出新領袖,他就會下台。禱告神興起支持神在末世對猶太百姓心意的以色列領袖。禱告每個施壓於以色列,迫使他們放棄自己土地,或使他們從領土上撤離的任何決定、行動與計畫都被挫敗和放棄。為在中東各處,耶穌是彌賽亞的啟示及「耶路撒冷的平安」禱告 (詩篇第122篇) 。

Israel – Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced one July 30, 2008 that he won’t seek re-election in his Kadima party’s Sept. 17, 2008 primary. Olmert, who helped orchestrate Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza and is working towards a peace deal with both the Palestinians and Syria, said he will step down once the party selects a new leader. Pray for God to raise up leaders in Israel who would support His end-time purposes for the Jewish people. Pray for every decision, action or plan to pressure Israel to give up land or evacuate its people from any territory would be frustrated and abandoned. Pray for the revelation of Jesus as Messiah in the Middle East and for “the peace of Jerusalem.” (Psalm 122)


Tajikistan – A Protestant church was recently threatened with destruction by authorities. Pray for religious freedom to be allowed in this Central Asian nation, and pray that those who are persecuting Christians will be saved. Pray for the Kingdom of God to be established here.




September 17


China – Nearly 700 Protestant leaders who are not registered with the government have been placed in custody in the past year, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom recently reported. Pray that the world would speak out on the issue of China’s human rights violations, and that the Church would not be silent to speak up on behalf of persecuted Christians. Fast, wail and cry out to God, so that government officials will put a stop to the mistreatment of Christians, and bring the persecutors to justice. Pray that God will break the stronghold of persecution and corruption in China. Pray for divine protection for persecuted Christians and provision as they face opposition, arrest, detention and violence from government security forces.


Djibouti – Eritrean President Issaias Afeworki has ruled out a dialogue with Djibouti over a frontier dispute behind recent clashes that left nine soldiers dead in the Ras Doumeira area at Djibouti’s northern border. Pray for peace to come to this land, and that the Kingdom of God will be established in this nation. Pray for God’s protection for Christians in Djibouti, which has a population of 93.9 percent Muslim.




September 18


Yemen – The establishment of a religious police force comprised of 42 clerics was recently announced at a meeting hosted by Sheikh Abdul Majid Al-Zindani. The force is tasked with enforcing religious norms both in the public and private square. Pray for religious freedom in this Arabian Peninsula nation. Pray for God’s protection and His wisdom and grace for Christian workers.


Vietnam – Two Montagnard Christians were recently arrested and murdered by Vietnamese security police after taking part in a peaceful protest for the release of three Christians who had been arrested on April 9, 2008. Pray for religious freedom to truly be allowed in this nation, and pray for protection of Believers, and pray that those who persecute them will be brought to justice.




September 19


Taiwan –Taiwan and China recently agreed to set up their first ever offices in each others’ territories, as they began historic talks aimed at forming dramatic cordial relations and building trade ties. Pray for the relationship between China and Taiwan to remain peaceful, and for ties to improve between the two countries. Pray that Believers in both countries will be able to share their faith openly in China.


Bahrain – Tens of thousands of Shiite Bahrainis recently held a protest against remarks deemed offensive made by a Sunni official against the country’s leading Shiite cleric. Last December, clashes broke out between police and protesters at an opposition rally in a Shiite area of Bahrain after the death of one of the demonstrators. Pray for the salvation of Shiite Bahrainis. Pray also that the Lord would use the Church to be a blessing and an encouragement to this Arabian Peninsula nation. Pray that there would be multiple thousands of new Believers here in the next thirty days.




September 20


Brunei – Oil-rich Brunei recently raised petrol and diesel prices opening the door for foreigners to rein in mounting fuel subsidies. Oil and natural gas are the mainstay of Brunei’s economy. Pray that the government would have wisdom in handling its oil and natural gas resources, and make sure that all Brunei people have access to education and health care. Pray that the Kingdom of God will be established in this land where 64.4 percent of its population is Muslim.


Lebanon – Lebanon recently announced a 30-member national unity government tasked with resolving the country’s worst political crisis since the 1975-1990 civil war. Pray that the Lord’s peace would prevail in this Middle Eastern nation, which recently came close to a possible full-blown civil war due to escalating fighting between government forces and the terrorist group Hezbollah. Pray for Hezbollah to lose the support of the Lebanese population through the group’s continued violence. Pray for God to defeat Hezbollah’s goal to create an Iranian-style Islamic republic in Lebanon and removal of all non-Islamic influences from the area. Pray for Lebanese Christians to be protected from harm and that the Gospel may be heard and received by all. Pray that the drive to institute stricter Islamic law would be blocked and equal treatment for all faiths would prevail. Lebanon is still the only nation in the Middle East where people are free to decide to change their religion. Pray that this freedom of religion would be maintained.



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