2009年2月15日 - 2月21日

Weekly Prayer Points- Fabruary 15 - Fabruary 21, 2009



February 15


Iraq – Pray for unity among the Christian churches especially in the North Kurdistan area. Praise God for His protection over the Christians in ministry in spite of the harsh circumstances of the country. There were recently elections in Iraq. Pray for this nation as it experiences a change in various government officials. Pray for true religious freedom to flourish in this land.


Sri Lanka – There is a major move of God taking place in this nation. An unprecedented gathering of all denominations and mainline churches was held September, 2008, and all pastors and their congregations in Southern Sri Lanka held a 21-day fast to hear from God in mid November. Pray that the unification of the Church will continue, and that this nation will look to the King of kings and the LORD of lords for direction in everything.




February 16


Israel – Pray that Hamas and all terrorist attacks will be exposed and thwarted in Israel. Pray for secure borders in Israel. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


Tajikistan – There was renewed activity recently in Tajikistan’s parliament on a religious law, which has many religious communities concerned. Pray that parliament will not write any bills that will threaten religious freedom in this land. Pray that true religious freedom will be enforced in Tajikistan. Pray that God will surround Christians in Tajikistan with His shield of protection and will send angels to minister to them as heirs of salvation. (Psalm 29:11, Hebrews 1:14) Pray that the church will grow here in record numbers, and that the Kingdom of God will be firmly established in this land.




February 17


China – China Aid Association has learned that from the end of September through early November, large numbers of police were dispatched to raid house church gatherings in Beijing and in areas near college campuses in Hangzhou. More than 400 Christian college students were arrested and interrogated. Pray that the world would speak out on the issue of human rights violations and that the Church would not be silent to speak of the bad things happening to persecuted Christians. Pray that members of the underground church have wisdom to know how and where to meet. Pray that they find creative ways—“God ideas”—to safely share their faith in a hostile environment. (Psalm 112:6- 8Thank God for the rapid growth of the Church in China.

吉布地─禱告區域的海盜受到阻撓,且他們的行動能更多被掌握。為該國軍隊及警方能提供有效的安全保障使百姓們不用親自處理禱告(箴 10: 9)。禱告神的國度在此地被建立。

Djibouti – Pray that pirates in the region will be thwarted and held with increased accountability for their actions. Pray for effective security to be provided by the Djibouti army and police, so that citizens will not have to take the law into their own hands. (Proverbs 10:9) Pray for the Kingdom of God to be established in Djibouti.




February 18


Yemen – Yemen appears to have claimed a rare victory against Al Qaeda with help from a country in the West, but analysts and diplomats warn that militants still pose a threat in a country where arms are plentiful and sympathy for the Al Qaeda network’s holy war against the West runs high. Pray for Yemen to be more consistent and proactive in putting down Al Qaeda-linked Islamic militants and local extremists. Pray for the government to have the resources to prevent terrorism financing. Yemen is one of the least evangelized countries in the world. Pray that the Gospel be preached to everyone in this land, and that they will accept Christ as Savior and Lord.


Vietnam – In violation of Vietnam’s new religion policy, authorities in Lao Cai Province in Vietnam’s far north are pressuring new Christians among the Hmong minority to deny their faith, and to re-establish ancestral altars, according to area Church leaders. Pray that members of the Vietnamese underground Church have wisdom to know how and where to meet. Pray that they find creative ways—“God ideas”—to safely share their faith in a hostile environment. (Psalm 112:6- 8 Pray for true religious freedom in this land.




February 19


Taiwan – Pray for religious freedom to remain strong in Taiwan. So far, the people of Taiwan have been slow to respond to the Gospel. Pray that revival will break out in Taiwan with multiple millions of them coming to the Lord this year. Pray the Kingdom of God will be firmly established in this land.


Bahrain – A country in the West and Bahrain delegates recently had an in-depth discussion about terrorism, the rapid production of weapons, and enhanced maritime security and defense in the Persian Gulf. Pray for the government of Bahrain to be steadfast in combating and financing terrorism. Pray for Bahrain to continue to actively monitor terrorist suspects. Pray for Bahrain to abolish Shari’a law. Pray for revival to spread in this nation like a rushing mighty wind, with multiple thousands coming to the Lord in the next thirty days.




February 20


Brunei – Pray for the Brunei government to continue its support to fight against terrorism. Proselytizing by faiths other than the officially sanctioned branch of Islam is not permitted. There are no missionaries reported working in this country. Pray for true religious freedom in Brunei. Pray for everyone to come to the Lord, and to know Him as their personal Lord and Savior. (John 3:16)


Lebanon – Pray that the demonic forces that are using terrorists groups Al Qaeda and Fatah Islam like puppets will be toppled, and that the people will be set free to worship the Lord. Pray that their leaders will experience conversion to Christianity. (1 Timothy 2:1–4) Pray for the protection of the Believers as they share the good news of the Gospel with others.



February 21


Qatar – Although telling Muslims about Jesus is strictly forbidden, Christians from other countries are allowed to meet together to worship. Pray for Muslims to encounter Jesus in their dreams. Pray that they would grow as disciples in Christ, and that revival will spread in this land with multiple thousands of new Believers would be added to the Kingdom of God in the next 30 days.


Turkmenistan – Protestants have told Forum 18 that lower level harassment continued through the year, though pressure is increasing again. Protestants in Serdarabad district near the northeastern town of Turkmenabad (formerly Charjew) in Lebap region have again come under pressure from local imams in November. Forum 18 said the pressure on local Protestants increased after a senior religious affairs official visited the region from Ashgabad. Pray for true freedom of religion in Turkmenistan. Pray for the salvation of the imams and other political and spiritual leaders. Pray for incredible growth of the Church and for new converts to be discipled in the ways of Christ.



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