2009年4月20日 - 4月26日

Weekly Prayer Points- April 20 - April 26, 2009



April 20


Brunei – The Brunei government continues to resist all attempts to bring Christianity into this country. Telling others about Jesus has been outlawed, and it is illegal to import religious books or materials. Pray that the controlling Islamic government would relax their harsh laws to allow the import of Christian books. Pray that Christianity would flourish here despite restrictions by the government.


Lebanon – Lebanon’s parliamentary majority leader, Saad Hariri, declared that his party would not join a unity government if Hezbollah wins the June elections. Hezbollah believes in armed resistance against Israel, and Hariri says that he has no interest in being part of a Hezbollah-led government. Pray that Lebanon will not choose to go down the path of open war against Israel. Pray that the Lebanese people elect wise leaders who will help to guide and care for their nation. Pray that the new government will uphold human rights and religious freedom in their country. Give thanks that the Lebanese government has repealed its requirement that people state their religion on their official IDs, which often leads to discrimination.




April 21


Qatar – Last year Qatar ended a history of the underground Church by allowing the first Christian church to be built, which was soon followed by the construction of several more churches. Pray that the Muslim majority would come to accept Christians and their churches in their midst. Pray that Christians would continue to be protected against any backlash from Muslims who are angry about Christian influence on their country. Pray that the Gospel would spread beyond the mostly foreign Christian population to the native Muslim population.


Turkmenistan – Turkmenistan continues to be very hostile to Christianity and remains one of the world’s worst abusers of human rights - two years after a new government took power, promising to do a better job. Amnesty International reports that journalists, activists, and religious believers are still subject to harassment and intimidation, and there is no difference between the old oppressive regime and the new one. Pray for a real change in Turkmenistan’s government. Pray that they will grant their people religious freedom and stop abusing and arresting anyone the government doesn’t approve of. Pray that the darkness of this oppression will spark revival and draw people to accept the message of Christ.




April 22

衣索匹亞—禱告基督徒能安全免於穆斯林極端份子的攻擊。禱告在衣索匹亞南部及西部不斷增加的攻擊中,基督徒仍不氣餒地分享他們的信仰。(弗 2:14-16)

Ethiopia – Pray that Christians would be safe from attacks by Muslim extremists. Pray that the increasing attacks on them in Southern and Western Ethiopia would not discourage them from sharing their faith. (Ephesians 2:14-16)


Myanmar (Burma) – The Myanmar government, which actively supports Buddhism, has recently prohibited Muslim and Christian groups in Yangon from holding prayer meetings in their homes. This is part of an attempt to close down all their options for a place to meet after the government recently demanded that religious groups stop meeting in rented buildings or face confiscation of the properties. The government almost never allows religious groups to own or build places of worship, leaving them with virtually nowhere to meet. Pray that God would provide ways and places for Christians to meet. Pray that God would protect Christians who try to meet in spite of the government ban. Pray that the military government of Myanmar would fall, and be replaced by a government that supports freedom of religion and human rights.




April 23


Chad – Eastern Chad is still struggling to deal with the hundreds of thousands of refugees who fled there from the Darfur region of Sudan, many of them children. Meanwhile, Southern Chad has had to deal with the thousands of refugees pouring into it from the Central African Republic. Amnesty International reports that serious human rights violations by Chadian security forces have gone completely unpunished. Pray that the men responsible for murdering, torturing, and kidnapping innocent people would be brought to justice. Pray that the people who are still missing would be found. Pray that the new UN peacekeeping force entering Chad in March will help to prevent crimes against the innocent and uphold the rule of justice.


Algeria – Algeria has shown hopeful signs recently that its persecution of Christians is easing. Pray that Algeria’s government would continue to respond to international pressure to stop arresting and prosecuting Christians for their beliefs. Pray that God would protect believers from militant Muslims who try to take the law into their own hands. Pray that Muslims would stop seeing Christians as a threat in Algeria and would be willing to listen to them.




April 24


Libya – Pray that the oppressive restriction on Christianity in Libya would end. Pray that the government would be sincere in its efforts to fight terrorism and that its relationship with other nations seeking to prevent the spread of terrorism would continue to improve. Pray that the Lord would show Christians how to get Bibles into the hands of the Libyan people.


Malaysia – Pray that the government’s declaration that all ethnic Malay’s are born Muslim would be rejected and discarded. Pray that the people of Malaysia would learn to see religion as not simply a matter of ethnicity. Pray that the government would repeal its law that requires Bibles to have the words “Not for Muslims” on them. Pray that the ruling that Christians who have converted from Islam and would still have to follow Islamic law would be overturned.




April 25


Oman – Pray for increased freedom for Christians in Oman. Pray that the requirement for religious groups to register before they can meet would be abolished. Pray that the government would stop pressuring Believers to evangelize.


Kazakhstan – A draft religion law that had been sent to President Nazarbaev has been sent on to be reviewed by the Constitutional Council. The council has one month to decide if the law conforms to the country’s constitution. If the law goes forward, it will put a ban on unregistered religious activity and impose harsh controls on witnessing and religious literature. Pray that the council will declare that the law violates the constitution. Pray that Christians would be able to freely serve the Lord without State supervision and controls. Pray for a dramatic change of heart in this country’s leaders and that they would come to Christ.




April 26


Tunisia – Pray that the Gospel would find a way into this Muslim dominated country. Pray that a revival of true Christianity would take place in Tunisia. Pray that the government’s laws enforcing Islamic education and restricting proselytizing would be repealed. Pray that the Kingdom of God will be established in the land.


Cambodia – Pray that the church in Cambodia would continue to be strengthened. Pray for an end to poverty that plagues Cambodia. Pray for the good health of the children of Cambodia and for good doctors to help them. Cambodia has the highest under-five mortality rate in the region, and most of its children are malnourished. Pray that Christians would reach out to these vulnerable children with a message of hope and faith in Jesus Christ.



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